When you order our pizza pack, you’ll find everything you need to cook up a feast!

In your pizza pack

Pouch of olives to keep you going!

3 balls of dough

Pot of tomato sauce

Mozzarella and basil

Meaty toppings (pepperoni and nduja)

Or Veggie toppings (garlic mushrooms and roasted peppers) or a mix of both.

Semolina to stop things sticking

Nutella and a banana for an epic pud!

On the pizza station

Ooni 3 pizza oven

2 pizza peels

Beechwood pellets

Natural firelighters


Rolling pin (not traditional but good if you’re new to this!)

Umbrella (!)

Outside blankets to get cosy

Please take time to read through this guide before you start or watch these videos :

How to set up and light the pizza oven (5mins)

How to shape a pizza (4mins)  

How to launch a pizza (4mins)

  • Take the dough out of the fridge at least an hour before cooking.
  • Place table and Ooni with her back to the wind.
  • Remove your scoop/ cap from the top of the chimney.
  • Make sure the door is on and only take it off when adding or removing food.
  • Fill your grate with 100% hardwood pellets to the level pictured overleaf.
  • Place a natural firelighter at the lip of your grate.
  • Light the firelighter and slide the grate back in to your burner using the hopper lid handle.
  • Place the hopper lid back on top of the hopper.
  • Once your starter pellets are fully alight, add small amounts of pellets gradually.
  • Maintain a pellet level to approximately 3cm (1”) below the top of your hopper throughout your cook. Use the bolt on the hopper as a level guide.
  • After 10-20 minutes your fire should be super hot and you can begin shaping your first pizza.
  • Use plenty of semolina on the table and press the dough into a circle, stretching and rolling it to a about 10inches being careful not to tear the dough.
  • Put a generous amount of semolina on the peel before laying the dough on top and adding your sauce and toppings (less is more!).
  • Then give it a good shake and shimmy to make sure you can launch it into oven in one movement (add more semolina underneath or try blowing under it to loosen any stuck bits)
  • GO FOR IT! Lift off the door and confidently shove pizza off the peel and onto the hot stone before replacing door.
  • You will be amazed how quickly it cooks. It will need rotating after about 30-60secs. Use the peel to get under it and turn it round a bit with your hand before popping back in.
  • Check your pellet level and get cracking on the second!
  • When you’re ready for pud, cook the third base with nothing on before spreading the Nutella and sliced banana on top and giving it a very quick blast to finish – delicious!
  • If any of the pizzas get holes or are a complete disaster, just fold it over and go for a calzone!
  • Please try to keep the door closed while it is smoky, for your comfort and future guests.
  • When you’re done, leave it to burn through any remaining pellets and allow it to cool naturally. This can take 60 minutes depending on ambient temperatures.      


Hope it’s yummy!

ooni wood fired pizza oven

ooni wood fired pizza oven